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At today’s Publishing Point Meetup, David Young (CEO, Hachette Book Group) spoke about the major changes in the publishing industry. Here are some highlights. 1. Changes in Bookselling “Last year 50% of our revenue came from companies not directly invested in our business (e.g., Walmart, Costco, etc.)” – this is a big change from the […]

If content is king, context is God, said Gary Vaynerchuk yesterday at a talk on social media. If you have never seen him, make sure you do – in person or on video. I first saw him at Social Media Week last year and caught him at NYXPO yesterday. He grew his family’s wine business […]

Dennis Crowley spoke at NYU Stern School of Business today about how he went from being laid off in 2001 to CEO of Foursquare. About 400 people were gathered outside the auditorium, because the session before Crowley’s was running late. The crowd was getting very loud. There were business school students and NYU alums, and […]

At TEDxEast “Play, Dream, Create” on Friday, Chris Anderson (TED Curator) made a surprise visit to talk on Crowd Accelerated Learning. This is the game-changing theory about social evolution: How we improve when we share with one another. He said people are challenged by watching great people and wanting to do better, and this is […]

Thanks to Jack Powers of IN3 for pointing out the Beloit College Mindset List in his Folio presentation. It is a list of the cultural surprises that shape the lives of freshman each year. Done since 1998 by Professor of the Humanities Tom McBride and Emeritus Public Affairs Director Ron Nief, the website receives more […]

On, Richard Romano reviews Bob Garfield’s The Chaos Scenario: Amid the Ruins of Mass Media, The Choice for Business is Stark: Listen or Perish. Garfield is a longtime writer for Advertising Age. (Richard is Frank Romano’s son – Frank is a hilarious graphics arts industry pundit and professor at RIT.) Excerpts below. For the […]

In his One Brand Clapping: Meditations on Marketing blog in BCBusiness, David Allison writes about the “big trends that will affect the way – not to overstate it – everything is sold and marketed.” Of course, he talks about social media and the ineffectiveness of traditional media, but below are some eloquent excerpts on some […]