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Every year, when I teach my online classes in eBooks in the Publishing in the Master’s in Publishing program at Pace University, I try to keep it fresh. I take old stuff off the syllabus to make way for the new. But there are some classics, which I’d like to record here. These are resources […]

At today’s Publishing Point Meetup, David Young (CEO, Hachette Book Group) spoke about the major changes in the publishing industry. Here are some highlights. 1. Changes in Bookselling “Last year 50% of our revenue came from companies not directly invested in our business (e.g., Walmart, Costco, etc.)” – this is a big change from the […]

At the NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup tonight, the speakers gave some great advice for dealing with DAM Users. The speakers were Leala Abbott, Senior Analyst for Enterprise Content Management and blogger and Henrik de Gyor, Digital Asset Manager at K12 Inc. and blogger at Another DAM Blog. Here are a few quick takeaways: It […]

At the Women on Wall Street conference last night, Steven Berlin Johnson gave a keynote on how innovation happens. He has studied the history of breakthrough innovations and found a pattern: They are created not by “Eureka!” moments, but slow hunches that incubate, sometimes for decades, with diverse people collaborating to make unintended consequences. Here […]

If content is king, context is God, said Gary Vaynerchuk yesterday at a talk on social media. If you have never seen him, make sure you do – in person or on video. I first saw him at Social Media Week last year and caught him at NYXPO yesterday. He grew his family’s wine business […]

Dennis Crowley spoke at NYU Stern School of Business today about how he went from being laid off in 2001 to CEO of Foursquare. About 400 people were gathered outside the auditorium, because the session before Crowley’s was running late. The crowd was getting very loud. There were business school students and NYU alums, and […]

Thanks to The Publishing Point meetup the other day for hosting the fascinating Tim O’Reilly (founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media and the Tools of Change Conference). I live tweeted the event, but wanted to share my snippets with you. Advice for the Industry: “The faith that I have in the future of publishing: You […]

Ad Age has a brilliant post on the limitations of social media at The author talks about un-social social media. Excerpts below. Fav quote: “At the end of the day, social media should be a relationship vitamin and sweetener, not a destination.” I once heard @garyvee at a social media conference lament how insane […]

Foursquare Co-Founder Naveen Selvadurai spoke at Publishing Point meetup about developing fun (+ getting > 2 million users in 17 months). Questions he asked: How do we do better at living at a city? They created Foursquare so you could get info. from friends about cool places, find things to do in your city and […]

“Social is the new search,” per Gail Horwood, EVP Digital Programming & Strategy for Martha Stewart at 6/10 Publishing Point meetup. Highlights: Successes of Martha Stewart Social Media Strategy Facebook Fans: In 6 months, when they started actively programming on the Facebook page, fans have organically increased 1,275%. And this is without any contests, just […]