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Being a student of innovation in publishing, I wanted to highlight some case studies I found since writing my academic paper on the subject in Publishing Research Quarterly at . Today’s example is a media company investing in startups through a new venture capital arm. Guardian Media Group announced in October 2017 that it plans […]

Every year, when I teach my online classes in eBooks in the Publishing in the Master’s in Publishing program at Pace University, I try to keep it fresh. I take old stuff off the syllabus to make way for the new. But there are some classics, which I’d like to record here. These are resources […]

At today’s Publishing Point Meetup, David Young (CEO, Hachette Book Group) spoke about the major changes in the publishing industry. Here are some highlights. 1. Changes in Bookselling “Last year 50% of our revenue came from companies not directly invested in our business (e.g., Walmart, Costco, etc.)” – this is a big change from the […]

Thanks to The Publishing Point meetup the other day for hosting the fascinating Tim O’Reilly (founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media and the Tools of Change Conference). I live tweeted the event, but wanted to share my snippets with you. Advice for the Industry: “The faith that I have in the future of publishing: You […]

Kudos to the MPA for top-notch content at yesterday’s technology summit. Here are my 5 unanswered questions about digital magazines: Is the Workflow Sustainable? Engagement is the key to compelling content for edit and ads. I am encouraged that magazines like Wired are using their print staffs to do the tablet edition (per Creative Director […]

A new Razorfish report on how digital content thrives today concludes that content must be nimble and structure helps make it so. Check out the full report at – and don’t miss the “capabilities that can help” within many of the sections that lists technologies to make this happen and appendix with semantic tools. […]

In post calling for e-book standards, the author tries the same e-book on 3 different devices, gets different results. Favorite line: “I know very little about computer programming ….But I know a fair amount about being a customer, and I know it shouldn’t be this hard.” Excerpts below. I want to know: Why can’t we […]

Robert Niles asks this question in the Knight Digital Media Center’s Online Journalism Review: What does Apple’s iAd format mean for news publishers? He states “Thanks to a generation of lousy ads for lousy products, many consumers have been conditioned to hate ads.” The link is to a Gizmodo article that says “From a user’s perspective, it’s […]

Thanks to AdMonsters’ Rob Beeler for a roundup of online ad industry event tidbits. I want to know what do you see as online ad trends? Excerpts below. Things Publishers Need to Hear Data is the New Currency “We used to talk about buying and selling media. Then it was audience, but that has quickly […]

On the lighter side, here’s an ancient yet still hilarious and relevant video. It’s called “We Didn’t Trash Your File” and it’s from Dan Brill, founder and publisher of Graphic Exchange, a Canadian magazine on digital publishing. Lyrics set to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel. Enjoy at I want to know […]