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The magazine industry gets an F in Apps, according to Chris Sanborn, President of Sanborn Media Factory. He and Radhika Nayak, VP of Product at Simon & Schuster (S&S) spoke at a panel last night at NYU’s Center for Publishing.  Here are their 7 tips to up the grade: 1. Reconceptualize the App “We’re not […]

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In his ZDNet blog, Joe McKendrick posits “Perhaps IT can’t deliver measurable productivity because the measurements are wrong.” Excerpts below.   I want to know how have you seen IT measure productivity? “Every time I’ve spoken to a CIO and IT manager over the past decade, one question I always ask is if he or […]

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Phil Johnson had some food for thought on Advertising Age. He writes about “The Dilemma of Measurement and Accountability.” Excerpts below. See for full article. As a technologist who’s been stymied by bean counters when the ROI made perfect sense. I’ve also been a business person who’s seen ROIs thrown out the window to […]

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Remember the hero pilot who landed in the Hudson River? Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger related a story from his new book: “When the plane lost power…First Officer Jeff Skiles reached for a manual that provides emergency procedures. Those manuals once had tabbed pages that made applicable sections available instantly. Cost cuts eliminated the tabs.” Skiles […]