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Categories: Business, Innovation, Technology | Comments Off on Beyond Mobile – Tapworthy’s Josh Clark on the Future

Josh Clark, author of Tapworthy, wowed the crowd at IxDA New York City. Thanks for Bloomberg for hosting and giving a tour of their impressive usability lab. Here are some highlights: Senors Give Us Superpowers Mobile should not be the companion – or lite version – of the desktop. ‘Our smartphones and tablets hold so […]

Categories: Innovation, ROI, Technology | Comments Off on 7 Tips for Publishing Apps

The magazine industry gets an F in Apps, according to Chris Sanborn, President of Sanborn Media Factory. He and Radhika Nayak, VP of Product at Simon & Schuster (S&S) spoke at a panel last night at NYU’s Center for Publishing.  Here are their 7 tips to up the grade: 1. Reconceptualize the App “We’re not […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on How Innovation Happens

At the Women on Wall Street conference last night, Steven Berlin Johnson gave a keynote on how innovation happens. He has studied the history of breakthrough innovations and found a pattern: They are created not by “Eureka!” moments, but slow hunches that incubate, sometimes for decades, with diverse people collaborating to make unintended consequences. Here […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on 7 Rules for Successful Innovation

Nice summary of biz innovators and their success and failures: Excerpts below. I want to know what business stories gave you your greatest innovation lesson. “1. Think of things that never were and ask ‘why not?”: Bobby Kennedy’s famous motto is an apt description for the beginning of business innovation. Great ideas can strike at […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on TEDxNY: William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle Design

At TEDxNY, we discussed William McDonough’s talk on cradle to cradle design. Hope you can join us next week – see The new Grey offices are amazing – open workspaces designed for collaboration – looks like an industrial-designed coffee bar. They reviewed this old talk in light of the COP15 (2009 United Nations Climate […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on Calculated innovation: Post-recession payoff?

Fortune Brainstorm Tech blog: innovation doesn’t have to be risky. Excerpts below. Full post at I want to know: Are you focusing on innovation or survival? “Many companies remain shell-shocked from the past 18 months of economic disaster. As such, innovation – despite its potential rewards – is not exactly in fashion right now. […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on 4 Temptations of an Innovator

Matthew May, Chief Strategist for MBox Design on 4 traps in the way of a culture of constant innovation. Excerpts below. I want to know: What traps have you seen? “1. Swinging for fences. In sports we worship the game-clinching grand slam home run, the three-point field goal at the buzzer, the blinding slapshot in […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on Can You Predict Successful Innovation? You Bet You Can

Ad Age’s CMO Strategies analyzes hits + says they’re not luck or creative genius. Excerpts below. Full post at I want to know: What predictors do you see for great innovation? “Popular opinion suggests that great innovation results from a mysterious combination of forces that make it appear to fall from the sky. Whether […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on Innovation at its Best: MIT Media Labs SixthSense

Amazing Sci-Fi Like Technology from a PhD student at MIT Media Labs at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks. Called “Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology,” he’s figured out how to use any surface as a computer – a wall, piece of paper, your hand – just incredible. Watch and read at Posted […]

Categories: Innovation | Comments Off on Innovate or Die

Tom Peters offers 110 tips to promote your culture of innovation. I want to know what are your top innovation tips? Excerpts below. Start at “Recession or no recession, deep recession or not, the challenge to add more and more value grows, and the importance of innovation, and a culture of innovation, grows exponentially…. […]