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Continuing my series on #InnovationInPublishing, here is a marketing innovation: A Beijing train was wallpapered with ads to make it look like a library. QR codes on the books led consumers to the Get app to listen to free audiobooks. Looks like a beautiful ride.                     […]

Continuing my series of Innovation in Publishing, beyond my academic paper at, today I explore the Dutch publishing association’s Renew The Book. Groep Algemene Uitgevers (GAU), the association of book publishers in the Netherlands,  sponsored the program and run it in conjunction with Rockstart. They pick 5 startups, take 40 days, the winner gets €15K, and […]

Here’s another case study to watch in the area of innovation in publishing, which was announced after I wrote an academic paper on the subject in Publishing Research Quarterly at  – An incubator program from information company Thomson Reuters. In July, 2017, Thomson Reuters announced a 6-12 month incubator program for FinTech, RegTech, LegalTech and NewsTech with 6 […]

Being a student of innovation in publishing, I wanted to highlight some case studies I found since writing my academic paper on the subject in Publishing Research Quarterly at . Today’s example is a media company investing in startups through a new venture capital arm. Guardian Media Group announced in October 2017 that it plans […]

  What Is Full-Stack Design Thinking? “Recipe: Chuck all the ingredients [Agile Software Development, Lean Start-up, Service Design, Design Thinking, and Systems Thinking] into a large cauldron. …Weaponise with ‘making.’ Apply to product innovation.” This is per Tim Malbon’s The Problem with Design Thinking and The Solution to Design Thinking. Break Down the Silos It’s important […]

This FastCompany article says Design Thinking has outlived its usefulness and suggests we move to Systems Thinking. I think it’s just semantics – Design Thinking should incorporate the systems around it. Why Has Design Thinking Outlived Its Usefulness, per Vassallo? The author says that it’s been 15 years of Design Thinking, and world has become so complex that we must consider […]

I’m proud to announce that my article on Innovation In Publishing was accepted by Publishing Research Quarterly! It will be in the September 2017 print version, but is available online now at

This venn diagram from IDEO’s website captures the essence of innovation:       Innovation is at the intersection of: what consumers want, how viable it is for our business, and how technically feasible it it.

Josh Clark, author of Tapworthy, wowed the crowd at IxDA New York City. Thanks for Bloomberg for hosting and giving a tour of their impressive usability lab. Here are some highlights: Senors Give Us Superpowers Mobile should not be the companion – or lite version – of the desktop. ‘Our smartphones and tablets hold so […]

The magazine industry gets an F in Apps, according to Chris Sanborn, President of Sanborn Media Factory. He and Radhika Nayak, VP of Product at Simon & Schuster (S&S) spoke at a panel last night at NYU’s Center for Publishing.  Here are their 7 tips to up the grade: 1. Reconceptualize the App “We’re not […]