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Every year, when I teach my online classes in eBooks in the Publishing in the Master’s in Publishing program at Pace University, I try to keep it fresh. I take old stuff off the syllabus to make way for the new. But there are some classics, which I’d like to record here. These are resources […]

At TEDxEast “Play, Dream, Create” on Friday, Chris Anderson (TED Curator) made a surprise visit to talk on Crowd Accelerated Learning. This is the game-changing theory about social evolution: How we improve when we share with one another. He said people are challenged by watching great people and wanting to do better, and this is […]

CS Monitor‘s Innovation Channel on rising costs pushing students online. Excerpts below. Full post at I want to know: What barriers do you see to complete online education? “In many ways, education hasn’t changed much since students sat at the feet of Socrates more than two millenniums ago. Learners still gather each autumn at […]