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In post calling for e-book standards, the author tries the same e-book on 3 different devices, gets different results. Favorite line: “I know very little about computer programming ….But I know a fair amount about being a customer, and I know it shouldn’t be this hard.” Excerpts below. I want to know: Why can’t we […]

Robert Niles asks this question in the Knight Digital Media Center’s Online Journalism Review: What does Apple’s iAd format mean for news publishers? He states “Thanks to a generation of lousy ads for lousy products, many consumers have been conditioned to hate ads.” The link is to a Gizmodo article that says “From a user’s perspective, it’s […]

MediaBistro comments on a report that Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper, has limited linking. “In order to link to the paper’s site, readers are required to first fill out a rather detailed written application, explicitly stating their extended purpose for linking to the Web site’s home page…The paper said they’re worried that certain other sites might […]

TheStrategyWeb posts many international ideas for measuring online advertising ROI, especially with the social web. Beyond click-thru to the “Golden Surfer,” “Dwell Time,” and to measure viral effectiveness comes “share of buzz.” Excerpts below. Full article at I want to know what ROI model do you think makes most sense for online ads? “…In […]

In “All the News That’s Fit to Mint” Time Magazine said of The New York Times‘s planned pay-wall: “The real significance of the Times’s plan to charge readers is symbolic. To a journalist, the Times’s admitting vulnerability is a crack in the firmament. It’s like that moment when you see your father catching his breath […]

CIO Magazine: “CIOs continue to grapple with the same IT challenges they dealt with five and even 10 years ago.”  Excerpts below. Full post at I want to know when will we begin to see change? “No one ever claimed that managing corporate IT systems was easy, or without its fare share of tumult, […]

Replace those resolutions with questions, says Gayle Lantz, president of WorkMatters. Excerpts below. I want to know what essential questions do you think businesses should be asking? “If you’re like most business leaders, you spent much of 2009 feeling down and just about out — an often-inescapable result of the worst recession since the Great […]

minOnline cuts to the chase with their no-nonsense predictions for 2010. See full article at Excerpts below. I want to know: do you see any good news coming? “Advertising in Permanent Decline: Stop looking for an ad “rebound” because the meta-trend is working against you…the money is going to a broad and highly fragmented […]

BoSacks for circulated MediaPost commentary on Deloitte’s Center for the Edge report on emerging biz opportunities. Excerpts below. “…Media, telecommunications and technology companies…are clinging to performance metrics which are no longer relevant to the new digital norm, says John Hagel, co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge which explores emerging business opportunities. [These] industries — […]

Provocative debate at AdAge: First “Why Digital Agencies Aren’t Ready to Lead” Then Why they Are Indeed at I like AdBean’s assertion at that it’s not Digital vs. Traditional, it’s Effective vs. Ineffective. I want to know: What’s your take on the debate? Posted by Kathy Sandler on Sunday, December 6, 2009 […]