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Full-Stack Design Thinking
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What Is Full-Stack Design Thinking?

“Recipe: Chuck all the ingredients [Agile Software Development, Lean Start-up, Service Design, Design Thinking, and Systems Thinking] into a large cauldron. …Weaponise with ‘making.’ Apply to product innovation.” This is per Tim Malbon’s The Problem with Design Thinking and The Solution to Design Thinking.

Break Down the Silos

It’s important to break down the silos. He writes, “universe-denting innovation demands a full-stack approach that doesn’t privilege design over other disciplines and treat those disciplines as executional issues, or things to figure out at a later stage.”

Classical Design Thinking is Waterfall

“In that sense, classical Design Thinking is like the new waterfall: too linear, too slow, too dumb. Full-Stack Design Thinking is more potent because it brings people from a range of disciplines — business strategists, technologists, product managers, human insights and interaction designers — together into a unified, weaponised, team that brings cross-disciplinary thinking to bear on a problem all at once.”

I believe Malbon’s got it right here – Full-Stack is definitely the right way to go!

(But I believe that in every aspect of my life – I subscribe to the idea of a Full-Stack Employee!)

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