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Top 5 eBook Resources
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Every year, when I teach my online classes in eBooks in the Publishing in the Master’s in Publishing program at Pace University, I try to keep it fresh. I take old stuff off the syllabus to make way for the new. But there are some classics, which I’d like to record here. These are resources and articles I’d always recommend for anyone interested in publishing technology and book publishing:


  1. First, to get an overview of the current and future thinking on eBooks, see the classic: “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto,” Edited by Hugh McGuire and Brian O’Leary, It’s a bunch of essays written by really smart industry leaders, such as Liza Daly, Laura Dawson, Craig Mod, Hugh McGuire, Brett Sandusky, and Peter Brantley. Not to be missed! (Also see O’Leary’s prezi called “Context first: A unified field theory of publishing,” at


  1. For an up-to-date conversation on what’s going on in eBook production, and a chance to ask questions, check out the hashtag #eprdctn on Twitter:


  1. For a really great list of how-to resources for creating an eBook, see “Resources: Going from InDesign to Ebook,” by Colleen Cunningham, Digital Book World,


  1. For a look at which eReaders support the features in the latest EPUB standard, see BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid


  1. For a pulse on the publishing startup scene, check out or Michael Bhaskar’s list at


What are your favorites?

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