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Wanted: Print to Tablet Success Stories
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I am looking for publishing app. case studies for Premedia Spectrum (1/18-1/21, in Naples, FL) e-mail me at, subject: Tablet Story.

Premedia Spectrum 2011

Premedia Spectrum 2011 January 18 – 21

Premedia Spectrum is a conference that brought together two leading industry conferences: the GAA Premedia Conference and IDEAlliance Spectrum. GAA is the Gravure Association of America, a trade association for gravure printing. IDEAlliance does XML specifications (such as PRISM for sending magazine content to syndicators), conferences (such as Primex), and runs networks (such as P3-Partnership in Print Production).

Types of publishers I’m hoping to hear from:

  • Magazine
  • Book
  • Catalogs
  • Retail

I want to know about Workflow and Technology.

Here is my outline. Love to hear what you think and hope to see you there!

Creating an eReader Edition

I. How to Create a File for a Tablet Device

A. Overview – Tablet Devices and Standards

i. iPad

ii. Other tablets

iii. e-readers

iv. mobile devices

B. What is ePub?

C. Limitations of ePub

D. Workarounds

E. Other standards – nextPub

F. Demo – InDesign to ePub

II. Best Practices – Examples from publishers using cross-media workflows

A. Repurposing

B. Simultaneous Design – XML Workflows

III. Challenges

A. Advertising – standards and preflighting for interactive ads

B. Multiple Devices & Standards

C. Sustainable workflows

D. Change Management

E. Hidden costs

IV. Further Resources

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