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Nimble – A Digital Publishing Requirement
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A new Razorfish report on how digital content thrives today concludes that content must be nimble and structure helps make it so. Check out the full report at – and don’t miss the “capabilities that can help” within many of the sections that lists technologies to make this happen and appendix with semantic tools. Here are some excerpts:

Nimble Content:

  • “Simply put, digital content needs to be free – to go where and when people want it most. In particular, content has to be mobile, and it has to be social”
  • “Content needs to be free (like a bird, not like beer)”
  • “Limitations are more directed by business models than by capabilities.” – Jim Stanley, VP of Products, CBS Interactive, Technology and News

Structure in Content to Make It Nimble:

  • “The more structure you put into content the freer it will become.”
  • “You can’t afford to [create] a piece of content for any one platform. Instead of crafting a website, you have to put more effort into crafting the description of an asset and the different bits of an asset, so they can be reused more effectively, so they can deliver more value.” – Nic Newman, Future Media & Technology Controller, Journalism and Digital Distribution, BBC
  • “Structure and definition allow content to be atomized. They allow the elements to be isolated and identified so that the content item can be broken down and recombined in countless variations…”
  • Technologies: Semantic Publishing Tools, Semantic Ad Targeting, Machine-Assisted Tagging, Rich Data Services, Semantic SEO

Editors As Curators:

  • “In a ‘nimble’ world, editors will become curators for managing all of your digital content.”
  • “Structured Serendipity: Me + Friends + Community + Editors”
  • “Editors will oversee the care of a living, growing set of nimble content and data.”
  • Technologies: Related Content Services, Advanced Media Monitoring

I want to know how have you made your content nimble?

– Kathy Sandler

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