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Trends That Will Change Your Business
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In his One Brand Clapping: Meditations on Marketing blog in BCBusiness, David Allison writes about the “big trends that will affect the way – not to overstate it – everything is sold and marketed.” Of course, he talks about social media and the ineffectiveness of traditional media, but below are some eloquent excerpts on some other trends to watch.

I want to know what disruptive trends you think will transform business.

People want more information. About everything. They want to know where their coffee is grown and if the coffee plantation workers have been fairly treated. They want to know if their potatoes are organic. If the environmental policies of their homebuilder are sound. If the emissions of their car hurt the air. If their clothes were made in sweatshops. Full disclosure has become a mandatory requirement for successful companies.

Posted by Kathy Sandler on Friday, November 6, 2009 at 12:01 AM

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