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Online Ad ROI – New Measurement Models
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TheStrategyWeb posts many international ideas for measuring online advertising ROI, especially with the social web. Beyond click-thru to the “Golden Surfer,” “Dwell Time,” and to measure viral effectiveness comes “share of buzz.” Excerpts below. Full article at

I want to know what ROI model do you think makes most sense for online ads?

“…In times of display, affiliate and search advertising the measure of success has been kept very simple. Page impressions, clicks, leads, sales – that was it. With the evolution of social media the topic of online measurement has become more complex…Marketers were satisfied, the sales man less (mostly) due to inferior leads and associated fluctuating revenues. There was a lack of transparency. The management is considered to be overstretched. 2010 everything will be different….

In 2009, the main German association for publishers and buyers, the IVW, killed the power of the page impression, the visit is the ‘Golden Surfer’ from now on. An English study by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) is following suit and strengthens the effectiveness of the ’silent click’ and the value of the context.

Moreover Eyeblaster invents, and especially Dean Donaldson promotes this, the Dwell Time….

Another challenge is that there are numerous social media activities added, and here we are looking for a reliable measurement method to justify the expenses. In Germany the Association of Social Media and Social Media is quickly introducing a new currency: share of voice or share of buzz. A conceptually coherent model , but in practice is questionable in its feasibility, management and marketing relevance. A similar measure as the CTR won’t be found in the social media industry, probably still for a long time. Probably not even 2010…”

Posted by Kathy Sandler on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 10:31 AM

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