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Highlights from Creativity & Technology London from Creativity Online.

I want to know what’s your biggest hurdle for creativity & tech?

Excerpts below.

“The event brought together designers, creatives and technologists from agencies like Organic and Crispin Porter + Bogusky to discuss work ranging from Fiat Eco: Drive to Poke London’s Baker Tweet, as well as technology’s increasing importance in creative departments

Yates Buckley of Unit9.

“If you are a creative and don’t know about technology, you’ll be out of a job soon,” said panelist Yates Buckley, technical director at digital production company Unit 9.

Claire Boonstra, cofounder of augmented reality mobile app Layar spoke about the future of her business, claiming that companies are queuing up to be included in the latest AR browsers.

Ms. Boonstra invited the audience to “describe your dreams,” when thinking about the future of AR, and outlined some of the ideas that Layar is working on: you will be able to use your phone to recreate the famous Abbey Road album cover and “see” the Beatles on the exact same zebra crossing in west London—and then insert yourself or a friend into the scene. Or you might use mobile AR to see your new house, placed in its exact location on the street, before it’s even been built.”

And before long, you’ll be able to walk directly into a different reality—Ms. Boonstra showed a virtual dome, which you could enter, phone in hand, and find yourself in Japan.

Social networking will also move forward with the help of AR. Dave Cox, technical director of Lean Mean Fighting Machine, predicted that geographically-based social networking—discovering a friend in a nearby pub, for example—is the logical next step.

Posted by Kathy Sandler on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 8:01 PM

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